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Mosquito Beater
  • 80 WSP per bucket.
  • Water soluble pouches provide the perfect delivery system for this natural mosquito larvicid.
  • Upon dissolving, thousands of floating granules quickly and evenly release the BTI active ingredient across the surface of any standing water.
  • Controls mosquito larvae in livestock watering troughs, containerized water gardens, flower pots, rain barrels, roof gutters, bird baths, tree holes, unused swimming pools or spas, discarded automobile tries, and any other containerized location around the home or other buildings where water can collect (and form a breeding ground for mosquitoes) and remain for extended periods.
Description: 550 .2OZ Mosquito Beater, Water Soluble Pouches, (80/Bkt)
Item#: 1418-5503-1
UPC: 037321005506
Price: $36.99 / BKT
Available: Call for In-Store Availability

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