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27653 987C 4-1/2"X7/8" 60+ CUB,II FIBRE DISC     4-1/2"x7/8" 60+
Fibre Discs
Cubitron II
  • Cubitron II, 987C.
  • Designed for stainless steel and other heat-sensitive applications.
  • Precision shaped grain technology improves disc life (up to 2 times more), cuts faster and can increase productivity compared to other leading ceramic discs.
  • Takes time out of edge chamfering, beveling and removing stainless steel welds, mill scale, pits and imperfections, machining grooves.
Description: 27653 987C 4-1/2" X7/8" 60+ Cub, II Fibre Disc
Item#: 1031-6533-8
UPC: 051141276533
Price: $7.99 / EA
Available: Call for In-Store Availability

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