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Item Size
CM0325 3X25' CROP COVER(WHT30GM)     3x25'
CMO350 3'X50' CROP COVER(WHT30GM)     3x50'
CM0310 3X100' CROP COVER(WHT30GM)     3x100'
CM0625 6X25' CROP COVER(WHT30GM)     6x25'
CM0650 6X50' CROP COVER(WHT30GM)     6X50'
CM1012 10.5'X12' CROP COVER(WHT30GM)     10.5x12'
CM1025 10.5X25' CROP COVER(WHT30GM)     10.5x25'
Crop Cover Fabric
  • Crop cover acts as a protective greenhouse that keeps plants warm and guards against light frost 5 to 26 degrees F(-3 degrees C).
  • Allows water, air, sunlight and soluble fertilizers to pass through.
  • Protects against drying winds and insects.
  • White 30 gm.
Description: CMO350 3' X50' Crop Cover(WHT30GM)
Item#: 1126-1856-6
UPC: 059129001856
Price: $14.99 / EA
Available: Call for In-Store Availability

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